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English for Work E3–L1 City&Guilds This course is a basic introduction to Literacy, the elements of this programme will be Speaking and Listening combined with Reading and Writing.Completing this programme and gaining a qualification will have a significant and positive impact– not only does it enhance your literacy skills, it also builds confidence and self-esteem.


Certificate in Speaking & Listening in English (sol) E3 OCNNI This class is for people whose first language is not English. The class is taught at Entry level: Beginners & Improvers Suitable for those taking their first steps in English and for those who can speak and understand some basic English.


Crafting English This is a speaking English course for women from our minority ethnic communities. This group offers an informal approach to improving your English through working at Crafts, and sharing skills.


Maths for Work E3–L1 City & Guilds This course is an introduction to Numeracy, the programme will deal with every aspect of numeracy Levels 1. Completing this programme and gaining a qualification will have a significant and positive impact– not only does it enhance your numeracy skills, it also builds confidence and self- esteem.
Counselling Skills CSK-L2 Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body This qualification is for you if you wish to acquire the counselling skills necessary to help others in either a voluntary or employed capacity. This course will not teach you to be a counsellor but may help you decide if you wish to train as one.


Counselling Studies CST-L3 Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body This follow up qualification from the Certificate in Counselling Level 2 will help you to develop a proficient understanding of counselling skills, helping you to utilize these skills as an important element of your work as a helping professional.


Understanding Substance Misuse USM-L2 Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body The aim of this course is to help participants gain an understanding of the impact, on individuals, on families and on society in general, of substance misuse. The course will introduce students to personal and cultural aspects of the use / misuse of prescribed and non- prescribed substances.


Dipl. Therapeutic Counselling TC-L4 Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body The CPCAB Diploma will be your route to achieving the Open university foundation Degree in Counselling. After completing the 2 year Diploma you will have 120 credits towards you Open University Foundation Degree.
ICT Word & Excel L1 OCNNI Looks at an Introduction into Word and Excel programmes. This qualification covers formatting tables, creating formulas , designing charts etc.


Web Design L1 OCNNI  An Introduction to understand how to develop websites & how to use image software tools
Bookkeeping & Accounts L1-L2 City & Guilds This course will enable you to assess your competence and understanding in carrying out a range of basic day-to-day book-keeping routines and activities using a single entry manual book-keeping system.


Bookkeeping & Accounts L3 City & Guilds The aim of the level 3 qualification is to further develop the practices and processes studied at level 1& 2 accounts. To enable candidates to record and interpret financial transactions up to and including Final Accounts of different organisations.


Cert. in Adult Social Care in NI L1 City & Guilds Aimed at providing you with the qualifications which cover a variety of areas, including: equality, diversity and inclusion; introduction to the role of a social care worker; health and safety; and awareness of safeguarding and duty of care.


Counselling Skills CSK-L1 OCNNI This qualification is for you if you wish to acquire the counselling skills necessary to help others in either a voluntary or employed capacity. This course will not teach you to be a counsellor but may help you decide if you wish to train as one.


Exploring Issues of Substance Misuse  L1 Award OCNNI Aimed at providing you with information on the harmful uses of substance misuse including drugs and alcohol for non medial purposes which can prove to be damaging and fatal to those who abuse them. This awareness programme can help you learn about different effects certain substances may have.


Personal Success & Well-Being OCNNI This qualification enables you to gain the knowledge of your own decision making process, understand confidence & self esteem issues & explore your own beliefs & values.
Nail Art & Make Up L1 OCNNI Looks at different nail techniques and makeup applications. This course is designed for those wishing to have a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. It covers health and safety requirements, procedures and equipment in a practical environment.


Garment Construction L1 City & Guilds Aimed at providing you with the skills and abilities to enter employment in the textiles, fashion, creative industries or self employment.


Up Cycling Crafts L1 OCNNI  Looks at developing your practical skills & techniques in the arts & understand how to use craft skills with natural materials.
Hair Styling Skills L1 OCNNI Looks at Hair Upstyling. This course will provide you with skills and knowledge needed to create vintage and modern hairstyles.


Digital Photography Skills L1 OCNNI Aimed at showing you how to use your digital camera and looks at software use for your photographs.
Community Development L1 OCNNI Aimed at enabling you to gain a basic knowledge of the key areas & standards of community development practices.


Youth Work Practice L1 OCNNI Aimed to give an understanding of leadership within a youth group, take part in group discussions/presentations & working with others to plan, deliver & evaluate activities.
Stay & Play Stay and play is fun quality time for mums and toddlers to access our crèche setting and play and interact with other children. This can have a positive impact for your child on the transition to nursery school.

The children have access to the sand area, water area, kitchen, painting, arts and crafts, toys, books etc. Stay and play is educational, and can benefit a child’s social, emotional intellectual and physical development.

Jitterbug Tots  Jitterbug Tots is a fun educational music, dance and rhyme class for mother and child. It supports children develop their language and improve their social skills and confidence.Jitterbugs supports learning by singing songs related to colour, shapes, numbers and animals. It helps children’s memory and encourages good behaviour by introducing songs which support good manners, taking turns and sharing our toys.

Jitterbugs consists on a range of action songs and nursery rhymes with the use of fun colourful equipment for example puppets, musical instruments, sensory lights, dance streamers, coloured scarfs, bubbles, and much more.

Jitterbug Tots is also available on Saturday morning to help working parents bond and spend quality fun times with their children.

Baby Massage/Baby Reflexology Baby reflexology and massage strengthens the loving bond between mum and baby. Our classes are very relaxing and boosts mother and baby interaction.Baby Massage stimulates the circulatory and digestive system and can give relief for gas and colic, constipation and teething pains. It is also very relaxing for babies and can help to improve sleep patterns.

Baby Reflexology can be used to ease colic, wind, teething pains, a blocked nose and to stimulate immunity.

Playtime Sensory Playtime Sensory promotes curiosity in your little one. Babies explore and discover the world through their use of senses: vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

We have excellent equipment at the women centre from bubble lamps, sensory tunnels, Sensory mood egg, sensory blocks, light panels, tactile discs, etc.

At all our sessions we create keepsake arts and crafts that your baby or toddler can create for you.

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Building Skills at Womens Centre Derry

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On-site childcare available for children aged 8 weeks to 4 years.

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