About us


A welcoming space which inspires women to think and make choices in an accessible environment that enables transformation and change in ourselves, in our community and beyond.



To promote women’s equality and access to education, employment, social & economic life.

We do this by developing and providing opportunities to women’s aspirations.Our projects are organised to provide access and enablement taking account of women’s lives and choices, with regard to timing, class-size and using holistic support model. We address specific barriers women face.We provide access to high quality on-site childcare focussed on the needs of the child.

We provide information, guidance and signposting services. We support the development of women’s groups and support organisations delivering programmes with a focus on enabling women who live in disadvantage communities who face multiple barriers to participation. We strive for financial sustainability through our social economy programme. We provide a voice for women from disadvantaged communities by engaging in regional forums and partnerships, locally, regionally and globally.


Our Projects

Our Vision

We are a safe and welcoming space for women and women’s organisations in the North West, to enable learning, to fulfil community potential, to make connections and to expand our horizons. We have a feminist model of delivery and a dynamic organisation, challenging inequality, increasing awareness, supporting women’s life choices, providing a wide range of programmes and quality on-site childcare. Women’s Centre Derry is recognised and connects locally, regionally and globally, giving women a voice and a choice.

This project is part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014-2020 & the Department for the Economy

The Project aims:

  • To reduce unemployment by assisting those furthest from the labour market to overcome their barriers to accessing and sustaining employment.
  • combat economic inactivity by helping individuals to make the transition towards the labour market

Call in to see us at 5 Guildhall Street or phone on 02871 267672 for further information.


The multi-cultural women’s group meets weekly to exchange information and make connections among women who are new to the City. The programme delivers conversational language skills, arts and crafts and workshops on a range of issues identified by the group. In turn we learn about and welcome different cultures and languages to the Centre and to the City. The children enjoy the crèche facilities and this project is a welcoming way to make connections, brush up your English and get local information.


The Child at the Centre (CATC) programme supports young mothers under 18 and babies in the 0-4 age group. Activities are delivered in safe, happy and secure spaces providing a good start for children in their very early years. The project’s aim is to improve the quality of the relationship between young mums and their children, to improve the health of young mums and their children and to reduce the feelings of isolation experienced by young mums.


We now have a full progression programme if you are interested in becoming a counsellor or using counselling skills in your current role. We offer CPCAB qualifications at Levels 2 – 3 – 4 & 5. The Level 4 Diploma and the Level 5 qualification will count as units towards your Open University Degree in Counselling.

A Health Awareness Promotes Inclusion (HAPI) programme is being delivered in partnership with a local pharmacist.


Womens Centre Derry is a partner organisation in the Womens Regional Consortium. The Consortium consists of seven Women’s Sector organisations working in partnership, with government, statutory organisations, women’s organisations, centres and groups.

Training for Women Network (TWN) – Project Lead,Women’s Centre Derry (WCD),Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA),Women’s Support Network (WSN), Northern Ireland’s Rural Women’s Network (NIRWN),Women’s TEC,Foyle Women’s Information Network (FWIN)


YODA will provide advocacy, support and integration activities (Indoor and Outdoor) for children and young people from BAME communities impacted by the COVID crisis as a result of lockdowns, school shutdowns and isolation.

YODA will provide mentoring and support will be tailored to the needs of each child, with information aiming to have positive outcome for  future life goals.

YODA will work to access IT equipment so that children can engage in on-line education activities throughout the COVID emergency.

YODA will work to ensure parents have access to a translator when dealing with issues which directly affect the child, for example, going to school meetings or pharmacy/health visits.

This programme is for women who are pregnant or who have children age 0-3 and will promote positive mental health and well-being. This is a peer support group where women can share experiences, engage in activities and express their views.

This is part of a wider movement for change when our collective voices will be heard as we collaborate with other women’s centres and inform decision makers of women’s lived experiences.


Our Staff