About us


A welcoming space which inspires women to think and make choices in an accessible environment that enables transformation and change in ourselves, in our community and beyond.


To promote women’s equality and access to education, employment, social & economic life.

We do this by developing and providing opportunities to women’s aspirations.Our projects are organised to provide access and enablement taking account of women’s lives and choices, with regard to timing, class-size and using holistic support model. We address specific barriers women face.We provide access to high quality on-site childcare focussed on the needs of the child.

We provide information, guidance and signposting services. We support the development of women’s groups and support organisations delivering programmes with a focus on enabling women who live in disadvantage communities who face multiple barriers to participation. We strive for financial sustainability through our social economy programme. We provide a voice for women from disadvantaged communities by engaging in regional forums and partnerships, locally, regionally and globally.

Our Vision

We are a safe and welcoming space for women and women’s organisations in the North West, to enable learning, to fulfil community potential, to make connections and to expand our horizons. We have a feminist model of delivery and a dynamic organisation, challenging inequality, increasing awareness, supporting women’s life choices, providing a wide range of programmes and quality on-site childcare. Women’s Centre Derry is recognised and connects locally, regionally and globally, giving women a voice and a choice.

Our Projects


Multicultural Womens Group

Recover Rebuild Renew

Women's Regional Consortium


Maternal Advocacy Support

Community Pharmacy Project

CPCAB Counselling